The original document should be in PDF format with "portrait" paper orientation. If you have a document in a format other than PDF, you should first convert it to a PDF. To do this, you can use a free PDF creation tool. We recommend PrimoPDF, which has a desktop and online version of their tool.

Note that BookletCreator cannot work with password-protected PDFs. If your file is protected (and you have the password), you should remove protection in the PDF security settings before uploading it to BookletCreator.

Here is how BookletCreator works (this example shows you only 8 pages for the sake of simplicity, but your document may be of any size):

  1. Let's say your document looks like this:
    Original document pages
  2. After processing your document with BookletCreator you will get something like this:
    Booklet pages
  3. Print the document choosing "Print on both sides" in your printer preferences. If your printer can't print on both sides automatically, print the odd pages first (Acrobat Reader has this option in their printing preferences), then put the printed paper back into your printer and print the even pages. We advise you to practice on short documents to ensure that you understand how to turn paper so that the front and back of the page are printed accurately. Finally, stack the pages in the correct order, fold them in half, and staple them. This is how the booklet will look when completed:

Optional parameters

Choose "Pages:" option to specify the range of pages to print. Separate numbers in a range by using a hyphen, and separate multiple pages or ranges by using commas. To print from a specific page to the end of the document, enter the page with a hyphen. For example, "11-" prints page 11 to the last page of the document.

Check "Flip backs upside down" if you have a duplex printer (the one that can automatically print on both sides of the paper).

If you set "Pages per booklet" to some value other than "All", you will get not one booklet, but several booklets, each having the chosen number of pages or less. This option is useful when you have a large document which is not convenient to fold. If you want all the "sub-booklets" to have the same number of pages, check the "Add blank pages to the last booklet" option.

You can also specify the PDF sheet size. If it is set to "Auto", the resultant sheet will be large enough to fit two pages of the original document.

If your document is in right-to-left language (such as Arabic or Hebrew), set the appropriate option to have the pages placed from right to left.